Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2016 / engl.

[The german version can be found here]

[The images are the same, only divided differently as they are at the bottom of the article in this version]

Once a year we treat ourselves beside the numerous conventions in Germany, to an event in Great Britain. Last year it struck us to Edinburgh, this year we decided to see the Liverpool Tattoo Convention.

From May 6th to 8th 2016, we were guests at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, in the heart of the city. Not far from the harbour, the Radio City Tower and the Liverpool One. Enthroned at a well-traveled crossroad, a superb bunker in chic dark white.

If a convention takes place directly in a hotel, so it is practical to book a room in this etablissement. Of course it included  a Full English Breakfast. Very comfy, if you just go out of the room, you have to go down 1 floor and get directly to the Convention.

Friday was ‘Artist Day’, which is only for customers who already have a fixed appointment and of course the artist for buildung up their workspace, participating in seminars or simply discuss the news at one of the bars, which were selling the pint for just 1.70 GBP.

Our cards were valid for the weekend but without any problems upgraded to a gold package, so we could now also roam on Friday through the hallowed halls with our golden bracelets.

On Saturday with the cameras prepared, we came into the lobby, and the British summer and all its consequences was already there.

Note: If it does not snow, it is summer. British rule. Done. Simple as that. This might get you in trouble, in special for the eyes, because one of the most popular colors in the wild, is the ‘british raging orange’, also known as self tanning spray in orange color. At a convention however, rarely if ever seen, because here it is more likely that light skin with lots of inked color is shown. 

The list of artists is available at the convention website and it will take a while to study the over 200 artists and traders which gave the honor and it was damn good.

Whether system was behind the seperation of the areas, the tattoo artists were accommodated in 5 areas that were all within easy reach of the main hall. It seemed that it had resulted in the traditional / old school artists in the eastern part of the Convention, the neotraditionalists and comic style masters in the west, the all-rounders in the middle and in the northern part for realistic experts where the Main Stage was also located.

Overall, the tattoo design selection was very balanced, typical for the UK in my opinion were the very many traditionals. Sooo much classical motifs but it had also an enormous amount of realism. Interesting was the lack of any kind of Symbolism like the german, austrian exhibitions have .. so no little hearts, stars, infinity symbols, or letterings with ‘stay strong’ or ‘family’ and stuff. The young ladies will get no unreadable latin word behind their ear but a massive Rose playced on the knee. Bamm, big, massive, awesome.

Two days of convention will end  unfortunately at some point and as at the german events, most artists grab their belongings and leave an orphaned stall when the first contest is on stage. Even if the hall is still full of visitors.

Speaking stalls. While they moan in my homecountry, that even a 5×3 meters booth which allows them to bring their entire studio to the convention is too small, the brits are all squeezed in tiny areas that the artist can hardly turn around. 2 x 1 meters and the head of the customer next to them is nearly touching the next artists toe. People placed on their massage bed in the middle of the passageway, all quite normal and the locals are not worrying or demanding larger floors.

A really big thumb up for this event! It was loud, hot, tight but it was also a brilliant event with great impressions.

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  1. Thanks for the write up guys, feel I need to point out though that all booths are 2m by 2m, some shows such as London are 1.5m wide. These sizes are pretty common in the UK.
    Glad you enjoyed the show and hope you can make it back next year.


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